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New Paintings -- Rockabilly Ride Skelly and Skelly Stylist!
Heart In Hand Skelly
As always, it's a very skelly week around here!! Here are a couple more mini paintings! If you want to know as soon as one is listed, just make sure to check my Facebook or Twitter feed daily between 7-10pm Mountain time. I post there right away:)



New work!

"Rockabilly Ride Skelly" -- a 7"x7"x3/4" ORIGINAL PAINTING!

CLICK HERE for more details about the "Rockabilly Ride Skelly"!

"Skelly Stylist" -- a 5"x7" ORIGINAL PAINTING! Auction starts at 7pm Mountain time, so if the link doesn't work right away, it should be active shortly!

CLICK HERE for more details about the "Skelly Stylist"!

To see all original paintings available -- CLICK HERE!

Have a tasty Tuesday!


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