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Cover of Boise Weekly, New Cooking & Love-Themed Skelly Paintings & Sculptures!
Lucky Cat Skellies

I hope everyone is having an amazing summer and is wrapping up a great 4th of July weekend! I look forward to doing a little camping and taking a road trip to see my family as soon as I get some free time myself! Speaking of free time, if you are waiting for an e-mail from me, please be patient as I am super busy these days. I used to be able to answer e-mails a little more quickly. I will still get to them, but it may take me several weeks. If it is urgent, please let me know! I will get back to you as soon as possible:)

Now onto the fun stuff!

Boise Weekly Cover - "Dark Side of Bacon"

Check out the cover of this week's Boise Weekly - Vol 22, Issue 02, July 3-9, 2013! It's the "Dark Side of Bacon" by yours truly, and the hellish flames are very appropriate for the 100+ degree weather we've been having!! Since I love all things sweetly spooky, spitefully cute, and morbidly adorable, this piece draws from both ends of the spectrum. Remember, like bacon, all good things also have a dark side. Grab a copy if you get a chance! They're free! I believe it will be out through Tuesday. Just look for the little red newspaper boxes that say Boise Weekly generally where newspapers are sold. You may also see the cover online:

"Dark Side of Bacon" - Set of 3 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas with Wire Hanger on Back 8"x8"x.75" and 4"x4"x.75" - SOLD

The original triptych was sold to the Boise Weekly for the cover, but it will be auctioned off for charity in September/October of this year. You still have a chance to get hold of the originals! I'll keep you posted on the details as soon as I know more.


"Skelly Cake Topper #3" - Mixed Media Paperclay, Acrylic, Accessories 7"x6"x12" $550

I wasn't sure where the whispers of love were leading me, but I wanted to do another sculpture that could also pose as a cake topper! It's small enough to fit on the top tier of a wedding cake, but it's also large enough to stand as an eternal reminder of love after the big day! They are a little bit steampunk mixed with a little bit of the fae magic! See my "Skelly Wedding Cake Topper" folder for past works!

"You Make My Heart Sing" - Mixed Media Sculpture - Paperclay, Acrylic, Accessories 9"x7"x14" $400

This grinning Skelly has a very loud, and sometimes off-key, heart! This fella was based off my Dark Little Dearies Comic #26:

"My Skelly Heart" - Mixed Media Sculpture - Paperclay, Acrylic, Accessories $400

The "My Skelly Heart" Sculpture was based off the painting of the same name: Some hearts bloom with flowers, others bloom with woe, my heart blooms with skellies. This is for those with a skelly heart!


Here are some new paintings I have available. I had a cooking and love theme happening as you may be able to tell! Please contact me if you'd like to purchase one. All paintings are on stretched canvas, and they have wire hangers in the back, so they are ready to hang right on the wall!

"Chef Skelly" Set of 3 - Acrylic on Stretched Canvas with Wire Hanger on Back 12"x4"x1.5"- SOLD

"Floating on Air" - Acrylic on Stretched Canvas with Wire Hanger on Back 6"x6"x1.5" - $125

"Skelly Family in Red" - Acrylic on Stretched Canvas with Wire Hanger on Back 5"x7"x.75" - SOLD

"Last Dance" - Acrylic on Stretched Canvas with Wire Hanger on Back 5"x7"x.75" - SOLD

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments or anything at all! I always love hearing from you!


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