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Get Out Ghosts!
Beautiful Blue
Are ghosts ever successfully evicted from beautiful old Victorian Houses? After watching dozens of episodes of "A Haunting", they lead me to believe no. It's so sad to see them abandoned! I'd like to say I'm watching all these shows for tips on defending my gorgeous old dream home! (Operative word: dream! LOL) Instead of abandoning these haunted Victorians, why don't people use a shotgun full of salt? It works for the Winchesters! ‪#‎GhostProblems‬ ‪#‎Supernatural‬ SPN But honestly, I watch the shows just to see the swoon-worthy homes and creepy re-enactments. Below is a photo I took of Benson Mausoleum, Millionaire's Row, Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA. It's definitely the nicest Benson Home I've visited!

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We had a ghost in a farmhouse we rented in Iowa, when I was 15. My mom blew us off, when we were convinced strange/scary happenings were not otherwise explained. Not long after we moved from there, she sat us down and told us she'd actually seen him, and after telling the landlord, he said, "Oh, I was hoping that wouldn't happen." Turned out it was his dad, and some things had occurred in the house even before his funeral. He didn't want to be dead and he sure as hell did not want strangers in his house. Things ebbed though after our summer there, and perhaps he became content with us and our relationship with his son. This ghost did things like slammed windows shut, knocked over my TV tray/night table in the middle of the night, moved my chair to the center of the room when I was not there, hammered in the barn at night, slammed doors, and a few other things I'm probably forgetting. Mom said she saw him standing in the corner of the kitchen a couple of times, an old man wearing overalls. While she was startled, she said our dog was completely calm, so she felt he was not harmful. His son said after he passed, he went in through the mud room into the house to get his dad's suit. He said a force would not let him out of the mud room, and shoved him back and onto the floor. He sent his brother in without telling him, and the same thing happened. They sent his daughter in through the front door, she went to the closet, and claimed she could not get the suit off the hanger! We only lived in that house for seven months, as my dad changed jobs, but maybe we help this man move on and rest? I like to think so.

Mom and Dad also had one in a condo they rented. The former tenant had been found strangled and dumped in a river. They had a suspect, but could never find enough proof to arrest. Mom said the barrister bookcases would rattle sometimes, and once in a while she'd feel a waft and smell perfume.

That thing with the mudroom is FREAKY! Wowza!! I try to imagine how I would have felt if I had seen a ghost or stuff moved around in my room as a teenager. Chair stacking in the kitchen was all cool and interesting in "Poltergeist", but you see what a bad turn that movie took!! I mean, I was always checking out books on ghosts from the library and stuff. I loved the movie remake of the Canterville Ghost with Alyssa Milano and John Gielgud. I thought that that would be the ghost experience I would have - a mopey old ghost that was torturing himself. I think I was very open to it, I just never saw anything myself.

My family has seen ghosts. We have a James Dean looking ghost on the family property in Idaho. My grandma, dad, and my uncle have all seen him. He was spotted in both the day and night, and each time they thought he was real until he disappeared. I'm not sure anyone has seen him since Gram died though. The apartment I used to live in had a guy who died in a fire. My cousin woke up to him smoking in the chair. The woman a few doors down had a horrible ghost that opened her cabinets and knocked cans out. She thought someone was playing a prank on her until she went into her son's room and watched the blankets pulled off of him. I guess it really tormented her kid. I've mentioned before my mom said she saw a sea captain rocking me in my baby chair on the porch when I was little. She was only 16/17 at the time. She and her friend both saw him and screamed and grabbed me. She said the porch filled with crows after that. The only time I even detected anything unusual was getting tingly and light-headed when I was in the Winchester Mystery House in CA, once in the old Idaho Penitentiary, and any time I put on this one specific bracelet with meteorite in it. And you know who told me it was a ghost trying to use me? Paulina! LOL I honestly wish I had more time in the Mystery House, but the tour was guided, so I couldn't really linger. It didn't feel negative at all. It was a little like I was going to astral project or something.

Thanks for the story! That is spooky!!

I'm afraid Robert may eventually haunt me, like in Truly, Madly, Deeply. :-P

Those are some spooky stories, too!

Cool pic. :) I'm of the say hello and co-exist line of thought; I figure the spirits in those houses were there first and the living shouldn't try to evict them. Then again, I do have a slightly different slant on things, lol.

I did get scratched by a spirit (cannot think of how else it happened). We were at Wilson Castle (an old mansion) in Vermont. I made a bit of a snarky remark about the grounds; it is a beautiful house and the grounds were probably nice at one time but both the house and grounds have fallen into disrepair. I really think that Vermont should step up and take care of the place. At any rate, as we (Ray and I...and Douglas) were entering the house Ray commented that I had a scratch on my face. I heard a voice which turned out to be a tour guide say that she had just a few days ago, been scratched too. Same general area of the face as my scratch; she said she'd been giving a tour when the people she was guiding through the house told her that her face was bleeding. I eventually had a pretty good discussion on both the scratching incidents with the tour guide, but first we sat in the dining room to watch a video about the history of the house. I wasn't really paying attention as I was thinking about how my face could have gotten scratched. I never felt a thing and it was a pretty good scratch...on the right side of my face, on the jawbone area. It was sort of a crescent shaped scratch which had welled blood a bit. I suddenly thought to Douglas (yeah, he can hear my thoughts and when I figured that out I was sort of...embarrassed, lol, but no big deal)..."make her stop!". Her? I don't know but that is what went through my mind (my impression is of a female spirit that doesn't care much for other females...we have been in that house before and it has always felt heavy and a bit sinister to me, whereas Ray finds it comforting and light). Douglas had been fairly active, keeping in physical contact to let me know he was with us but after that thought I didn't feel anything from him until we left and I called to him. I'm guessing he went after the other spirit and I hope he kicked the bitch's ass. ;)

After reading about Douglas, yes, you do have a different worldview regarding ghostly co-habitation! LOL I feel I could co-exist if the spirit wasn't harmful. I absolutely draw the line at scratching, pinching, pushing, etc. If the animals start getting sick or scared, it's time to evict. I don't believe I would be affected simply because I have been alone in many places that have been haunted, and I don't seem to attract them. My cousin and I played the Ouija when we were younger. We had some fairly coherent conversations, but we never had anything manifest. What I worry about though is I have had a boyfriend or two that I think would be completely affected by a spirit's emotional state. My ex, he was greatly affected by the living. He has to be careful how living people around him affect his energy. He lived in a house with a ghost (before me), and it messed with him. The ghost would have to be a pretty tame one (unless I were living alone.) In my mind, they forfeit the right to their house after they die! If I have to pay the mortgage, then my rules! LOL Plus, I am happily introverted. (I am a highly functioning extrovert in that everyone thinks I'm a people person, but I secretly cannot wait for it to be over.) So if there was a spirit that was needy or hung around a lot, it would get on my nerves. It would feel too much like a roommate. I find animals to be overbearing at times. Of course, all those TV shows focus on the ghosts that are harmful. So I was thinking more long those lines -- the harmful ghosts. If they just nicked my stuff and left it in a pile somewhere or moved stuff around, I'd get used to it.

A lot of haunted places have more than one ghost. A lot of times there is a peaceful ghost that seems to be a buffer against a nastier one. Then of course when the residents sage the house, the nice one moves on, and they are left with the mean one who won't go! Then things get twice as nasty! So it's funny to think of Douglas chasing after the Mansion Ghost!

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